The Importance of Limited Government

jefferson-beware-of-big-government-posterLet’s face it, the United States government is going to far. I don’t know what bothers me the most, government overspending, lie after lie, cover-up after cover-up, out of control regulations or just the fact that the people of the United States just sit back and allow the government to slowly take away their rights and their assets.

It seems to me that the reason America created separate states is so that each state could govern its own laws and regulations based on voting from the people of that state. Laws, rules and regulations were decided based on the majority views and beliefs of the citizens. So why is it that the government continues to overstep its boundaries and supersede state laws? The answer to that is greed, power and control.

I honestly just do not understand that form of thinking. What the government has done is forced US citizens into always owing. When the people are indebted to the government, the government then controls them. The government uses the IRS to control the people. Any money you make that you don’t give a portion of to the government is illegal. You can go to jail and be fined just because you don’t give your money to the government. What does the government do with the money you give to them? That is a good question that I would say no one REALLY knows the answer to.

Does it really go into helping people who are desperately in need? Well, no. If that were the case then there would not be so many homeless veterans starving on the streets. There wouldn’t be children going hungry everyday. The disabled would not be struggling to survive. Then I hear about all the millions of dollars that the president spends on vacations and I think to myself, why?

As long as the people allow the government to take their money and spend it however they please, it will NEVER stop. The government is now taking people’s’ land. They will take all of your assets if they feel like you owe them. They will take everything you have by force and as long as the majority of people allow it, it will keep happening.

Why do you think that rich people are hesitant to give money away to the people who really need it? It’s because the government is already taking so much of their money already. That is why I strongly support limited government and communities working together to help each other on their own.

Why should I pay for a complete stranger to have abortion after abortion with my tax dollars when it could be going to that kid I saw yesterday whose clothes had holes and did not fit? Why should I pay for some crazy energy-efficient cars to be built with my tax money knowing I will never be able to actually afford to drive one? Why couldn’t I donate money to my neighbor instead so she can get a car that she so desperately needs to get to work? The system is screwed and everyone is just watching like their hands are tied behind their backs when indeed they are not.

I want to be able to help the people in my community get the food they need, clothes to wear and a roof over their head and not pay for the President’s million dollar vacations.

It’s time for people to make a change. The 99 percent outnumber the 1 percent. It’s really getting to the point where the people NEED to overthrow the government and the IRS. Let each community take care of each other. Let them fight their own battles. The government only needs to handle foreign relations and to make sure that the communities are not suffering with poverty and violence. The government should only be assisting communities with ideas on how to effectively be prosperous and keep everyone with food, water, clothes and a roof over their heads.

It IS possible but not without a fight. We WILL have to fight for our freedom. We can do it. Communities can prosper with gardens and farms to feed the hungry and provide work. People can work for the things they get because they would have to. They wouldn’t be able to rely on the government to give them free handouts and they wouldn’t then be forever indebted to the government. All this will take is the majority of people taking a stand. Will you all take a stand with me or are you too afraid to change?


Monopoly Money

Money, although it is just paper, is the most powerful influence in this world. The United States economy is based on money. It’s funny because much of the money people use is electronic. People put their money in the bank and use what the bank says is money to buy things.

What would happen if that bank just one day disappeared? You would be S.O.L.

The reason I bring up currency is because I just don’t understand it. How could paper or an electronic record allow a person to obtain a useful item? What really is the value of what you’ve exchanged for your item or items?

I like to imagine a world where money doesn’t exist. A world where people worked to obtain the necessities of life and not money.

For example: I go to work collecting garbage around my neighborhood to take to the dump. Along my way, the residents’ would give me something they have that I need for me taking their garbage. I would then also be able to obtain supplies that I need from the garbage company I work for that collects items from the people who need their garbage picked up for them as well.

Someone who would be considered rich would be someone who has many of the same items that they can trade for services or other items that they want or need. Taxes could be collected by community leaders in the form of items or food that people who are unable to work could obtain as needed from the community leaders.

People in the community who are disabled, elderly or children who do not have caregivers would survive based on a combined effort of people in their community.

People who attend school to learn a particular occupation could trade what they have for their education. If someone goes to school to be a doctor they could help people and become rich with items and supplies instead of paper money. They could then use their abundance of items to pay for people to build them a house or plant them a farm for food.

Paper money keeps people from connecting with others. It causes people to kill for it, steal it and do all sorts of crazy things just to get their hands on simply paper.

Paper money is destroying this world slowly and painfully. People have lost focus on what is important in this life because of money. The government controls everyone with money.

Isn’t it funny how some people don’t have to work a day in their life and are able to obtain anything they want because they have money? Then on the other hand there are people who physically wear themselves out everyday working and can barely feed their family.

It’s hard to believe that everyone would be willing to give up paper money in exchange for bartering. Maybe people would be less likely to throw away food and other valuable items that many people are in desperate need of if those very items and food were what people were actually using to live.

What do you think? Do you think that our society today could make do without paper money and only bartering? What do you think would happen if all paper money completely lost value? Perhaps the richest people would become the poorest and those who really know how to survive without money would become the richest.

Our Beliefs

We believe in…

  • People helping people community to community giving people opportunities to be self-sufficient and contribute to society.
  • Decreasing the power of the United States government by the power of the people through law-abiding non-violent tactics.
  • Taking the necessary steps to give power back to the States within the United States and back to the communities within each State.
  • Assembling active members who are Logical Leaders that will contribute knowledge, skills, ideas and opportunities to aid in the growth and development of Logical Leaders of America.
  • Freedom to people that to do no harm to others, help those in need and protect the helpless and innocent.
  • A fair justice system that focuses on reform and sensible solutions.
  • Focusing on education so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to society.
  • Requiring taxes but allowing taxpayers to choose where their money goes. For example, an online database of programs and services that need funding with filtering options (sort based on need or sort based on funding for children or sort based on programs for people with disabilities).
  • Utilizing more open land for farms that would not only provide more food for each community but also provide jobs.

I want your ideas! So far I believe that these beliefs are logical. My goals are to help lead people in a sensible direction, give the people the opportunity to provide their logical ideas and information that would help save the United States, assemble a group of leaders that will work together to make America a better place to live.